Our Programmes

  • Newer Technology Intervention Program
  • Gurukulam
  • Labour Data Bank
  • Market Development Intiaitive
Newer Technology Intervention Program

A Government funded program with the objective to develop new prototypes using eco friendly materials to suit the tastes and preferences of contemporary market using the traditional skill of artisans and introduction of new techniques and technologies for enhanced production. In this line few initiatives such as training to make trendy products using modern technology, supplying tool kits to artisans and linking this program with KADCO’s own conceived program called “ Gurukulam” have been already taken. It is intended to support 10,000 artisans through this program


As and when Government has come up with a noble concept of Education Mission – Revival of Public education system, KADCO conceived “Gurukulam” project with twin objectives. First is to tap this opportunity to the traditional artisans and second is to support a highly relevant Government Initiaitive. “Gurukulam” intends to renovate the infrastructure facilities of public schools by mobilizing funds from private public and govt institutions using the skillset of local artisans

Labour Data Bank

Even though it is estimated to have about 30 lakhs traditional artisans across Kerala when the common public is struggling hard to avail the service of qualified artisans. The flow of migrant labourers itself shows the skill gap existing here whereas our traditional artisans are migrating to different sectors.In order to address the issue KADCO has decided to map all artisans scattered across the state under one umbrella and make their service available to common man by creating a Labour Data Bank.

Market Development Intiaitive

Rural kerala is abundant with natural fibers, clay, bamboo etc . The enriched craftsmanship of artisans especially women at home in rural areas demanded KADCO to device a marketing intiative which uplift their economic well being.Life style products blending the eco friendly raw materials and craftsmanship of women artisan folks would lead to creation of products under tagline of “Genuine Artisan Products From KADCO” which would be marketed in super/hyper markets across kerala.